AIM:  Gnatkovsky Lab aims to advance the understanding (interpretation), application (implantation schemes), and standardization of SEEG (stimulation, data analysis) and enhance diagnostic accuracy, therapeutic efficacy, and overall patient outcomes in the Bonn Epilepsy surgery program

State of the art Protocols: Implement best practice protocols for the acquisition, interpretation, and reporting of SEEG data, supporting electrode placement, recording parameters, and post-processing techniques

Clinical Case Reviews: Facilitate regular case review sessions to discuss challenging clinical cases utilizing SEEG, encouraging cross-disciplinary discussions involving neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other relevant specialists

Training & Education: Develop training programs for clinicians/researchers interested in SEEG, provide educational resources, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to enhance expertise in SEEG methodology

Technology Integration: Explore and evaluate emerging technologies for SEEG, including advancements in electrode design, imaging modalities, and signal processing, and foster collaborations with industry partners to promote the development of innovative SEEG analysis tools

Collaborative Research Projects: Initiate and support collaborative research projects in epilepsy and neurophysiology; encourage cross-institutional collaborations